Thursday, August 6, 2015

Brief Interview with BEBE SANDERS

Here's a brief interview with Bebe Sanders, who performed in The Bunker Trilogy throughout 2014 and is currently performing in The Fronter Trilogy. 

Jethro Compton's Frontier Trilogy

What was it that made you realise you wanted to be an actress?
I think I just always knew I wasn't interested in a normal job... I have always just wanted to have fun with my life. And I've always loved stories and dressing up... That's basically it!

What’s been the highlight or your career in theatre so far?
I played Billy Elliot's grandma in school and quite honestly that's the most fun I've ever had. But in my professional career... Taking a bow at the National Theatre has to be up there. And travelling the world with The Bunker Trilogy. Pure joy.

You joined the company in The Bunker Trilogy once the shows had already been performed, how different is it being in a brand new trilogy?
It's totally different! Joining The Bunker was great but there was a lot that had already been established so it was strange to feel like I was filling someone else's shoes. With the frontier you know that you are the first person to be that character and everyone is in the same boat which is lovely. I love teams.

Which character in The Frontier Trilogy most excites you?
I love them all but Miss Lilly from The Clock Strikes Noon is so different from anything I've done before. She excites me the most, because she's fabulous.

Which play in The Frontier Trilogy is your favourite?
I can't choose! They are all so fab in their own way. I actually can't choose.

What’s your best experience working with Jethro Compton Productions?
Making friends that will last a lifetime.  Every day at work is like going on a play date and having the best fun and getting overexcited and silly. And spending six weeks in Australia with The Bunker was life changing.

What’s the thing about Edinburgh you most look forward to?
This is only my second time going to the Fringe! But I think I am excited about returning to that atmosphere... And I just love that feeling of something new. I'm a bit weird in that I even love the set building, the being over tired, the getting coffees for everyone. I guess it's the team spirit. The feeling that we are all doing something special together.

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