Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Bunker Returns

It is such a delight to announce our return to the Adelaide Fringe this summer (or winter if you're left behind in the United Kingdom). The Bunker Trilogy will be making its second journey to the South Australian festival - the largest in the southern hemisphere - after its success in 2014.

We'll be performing the entire run in an incredible venue just a stone's through from the city centre in Adelaide's stunning Botanic Gardens. We're the only theatre taking place in the building, but we've partnered with SA's own Blanco Food & Events who'll be running an outdoor bar/cafe throughout the festival.

The Adelaide Fringe Festival, and Adelaide itself, is fast becoming a home for the company as much as Edinburgh has been over the years. It's an experience that revolves entirely around the local community and depends on the support of this community who work tirelessly to make our time Down Under even remotely possible. This community has opened their hearts and doors to us over the last four years; sharing their tables with us, sharing their homes with us, sharing South Australia with us.

The excitement that grows as we prepare for The Bunker Trilogy in Adelaide is not that of adventure or new experiences, but that of returning to the city, to the community, and to the people who we are now honoured to call our friends and family.

Take a look at the website: www.TheBunkerTrilogy.com for booking information and keep an eye out here and on Twitter for details, updates and behind-the-scenes info.